There has been a lot of hate online about The Last Jedi and here is Rian Johmsons Responce the the masses!

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  1. Rian is right. you can't make a movie based on what you THINK the fans want because if you made a movie perfectly to what I want, you'd probably piss off and alienate 50% of the remaining fans. people need to stop being so judgy, bitchy, and out right vile. if you like the movie, great. if not, go watch something else. star wars isn't ruined, never can be.

  2. i think the problem the most hardcore fans (and i myself a little bit too) have is that there is no deeper meaning in the film, i mean dont get me wrong it is a good film because it has many good effects but there it almost ends. just look at ep 8 now if you are honest you could have cut down the whole move by almost 90% if one pink haired charakter would have said what they have planned and no jedi master would have died. the new film are just like in your face we dont care about the story as much and make a bombastic looking film with no real story expect construct some dumb reasons to have this story, the old films had (in my view,but im think im not alone here) a deeper meaning to them like you witness luke han an leia grow and also the whole political background ,you just knew who is who and not like ep7 introduce snoke as the mastermind behind the scenes like the emperor(wich was somewhat a really great introduction) and in ep8 just like nah was a dumb idea know what just kill him like he was a low padawan or something like that and rey the whole lightsaber called you so you must have an important tie to one of the old characters no just make her the child of some drunkheads who needed credit to get drugs.... sorry that got rather long but i had to get it off my chest and i think some people agree with me on this (hope this is good to understand since english is not my motherlanguage)

  3. You don't have to make the film the fans want. But why oh why did he make a film that was outright trolling the starwars fanbase?
    Did he want to see who would suck it up and ask for seconds?

    The plot was a broken mess that falls apart in atleast 30 different ways if someone just takes a second to think about what they are watching, even if they only use in-universe logic.

    The subplots are literally redundant. Have Kylo kill snoke, Rey leave Lukes island immediately, and nothing else in any of the subplot has to happen for the movie to carry on as normal, that's 66% of the movie being pointless.

    Do fans who loved the movie not notice?

    And there's no republic, we didn't even get to see the new republic, the results of the OT's efforts, before TLJ decided it had already fallen and the rest of the galaxy didn't care.

    All the build up from the previous movies, even the movie directly before this, completely flushed down the toilet.

    'But it subverts expectations!' ...Sure I expected something good from the movie, not to be told that thing everyone's been a fan of for decades, passed down from 70's children to their own children, left zero impression on Rian Johnson.

    Everything in this movie amounts to nothing or worse, negatively impacts some events, and characters so they aren't even as good as when they started.

    It's a dumpster fire of a movie, in a gorgeous facade.

  4. It's all very well to say watch something else if you don't like it but people have just as much right to be vocal about it as everyone else has that liked it. I haven't heard Ryan's response to this but from reading the comments so far this is my view. Nastiness is never welcomed though. Say what you don't like but don't include nastiness, what has that ever solved?